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Elite Membership includes:

Swing/day trading alerts

high win rate trading alerts, and you can check all previous trades by typing $trades in the discord server and the bot will send you an excel file on all our previous swing trades and that data is taken from yahoo finance so it can't be manipulated!

Elite Voice

within elite voice I casually share my trading scanners, and we do get together to talk about our trades, quick updates on strategies, share ideas etc...

Own chatroom

Elite Members have their exclusive chatroom! we discuss trade ideas before market opens and we execute it together!

Risk management bot

Risk management bot that aides big-time! all you need to enter the amount you want to risk in your entry and stop loss and the bot will answer you with the number of shares!


A bot that will manage all our trades, it will show what positions I'm holding with my average, profit/loss, and even manage your risk!!watch the YouTube video to check all the features! click for the link

Live Explanation

if you have any question regarding on my trades just ask me in this channel and I'll try to help you out as soon as possible!

Testimonials From Elite Members

“I recently took the @Stock Flipper Elite Member training course and have to say it is brilliant and would thoroughly recommend to anyone who wants to learn more about trading. I am fairy new to trading and have some basic knowledge, but the course material helped bring it all together. Great explanation of IBKR scanner and hotkey setups, strategy explanations, chart patterns to follow and important info on risk management and trader psychology. Really impressed. Thank you @Stock Flipper! "
~Phil Parsonage, London
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@Stock Flipper @everyone I can't thank stockflipper enough because all the educational tools and material he provided me since I'm became an elite member, I have learning a lot about daytrading. I live in Las Vegas, NV and I use TD, I have a big restriction, PDT rule. That's the reason I can't follow most of the time because I only have 3 round trips a week. But the more I'm in the market and listening the strategies stockflipper uses, resistance, support, volume, indicators. I'll learn from it. Even with my restriction, I was able to make some some money I started with 4k in 9/20 I'm at 20k now.
To everyone that are still deciding to become elite... those $500 worth it, you will get it back. This guy is the
most honest guy out there, he solved my problems, and most important, he answers my questions right away, either through Instagram or on discord.
I'm in shock sometimes, he should be analyzing the market on how to make money, instead of answering me. This guy got my RESPECT.
I'd recommend you to hurry, this guy will be so busy, he probably wont be able to the 1 to 1 mentoring later.
And check out his results. Also we are a family in the chatroom, so far a small group of people helping each other with the same goal, make $$$. There are people with more knowledge than others, helping in options strategies as well.
Thank you Serop. I'm glad I fall in this group. Wish you all the best here”
Alex Chang, United States
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@everyone I had been doing my fair amount of research, but it was a hit and miss. Not many people are helpful on a personal level. Then I came across Stock Flipper...I reached out, and he gave me a helping hand. He responded to all my questions, and I have learned quite a bit from being here with this group. For the new members, I recommend the ELITE program! You'll reach different highs of knowledge. There is no market term gibberish. No getting lost in extra information. Just a simplified course, straight to the point. But like everything, you need to want it and put in your time to learn! You can't buy weights, let them sit there and expect results. You gotta pick up the weights, and use them! Stock Flipper has the knowledge, and it's there at the grasp of your fingertips! @Stock Flipper thanks brotha
~Oscar, United States
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Good morning. I woke up earlier than normal to complete the course.  I have taken 3 different courses prior to @Stock Flipper  and let me tell you, he has simplified the process. His strategies are very easy to understand and the information is straight to the point.  I highly recommend taking  the course with him.  Thank you!

~Rober Olayo, USA
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"Thanks a great course earlier @Stock Flipper - it is really good to get a better insight on how your trades are strategised and formulated. Also super helpful to know how to physically execute the trades more efficiently. Highly recommend to @everyone if you haven't signed up. Looking forward to making $ together and many green days to come haha"
~Kyan Yap, Malaysia
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"@Stock Flipper is a nice trader who is really willing to share all the knowledge and strategy he has. He gave the free alert to help people start trading with the stock that he feels confident. But after taking the class with all his strategic and analysis, I then understand why he put the buy and sell in a specific points. @Stock Flipper is a smart guy and has his very unique risk management and trading strategy. I have learned so much and just realizing how blind I am before to just trade by my own intuition. The knowledge and the technical are where you should start to not loss your  money. Join #elite-members is my smartest choice ever and this reasonable membership fee is so worth and @Stock Flipper deserves it. Thanks!"
~Hester, United States
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“Yo @Stock Flipper great class man. Soooo much info. Learnt a lot, just what I needed. Going to start applying these ASAP"
~Dae Fun, United States
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@Stock Flipper Great class today, very informative. This will be very helpful for my future trading. If anyone is interested in learning his strategies, you should definitely sign up for his course”
~HALL, United States
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"Thank you @Stock Flipper for this amazing course. It was totally worth the money I paid for it !! "
~Rami , Canada
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“I am only a beginner at day trading. i found learning all of the terminology was one of the trickiest things. I urge anyone who became an Elite member early on in their journey to re-watch the training videos @Stock Flipper has on his site. I am watching them again now and am taking more away from them now I understand a little more about the techniques he teaches. I feel I will revisit these videos many times as my understanding grows as there is always something more you can take from them.”
Tobias, United States
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“Thanks for the informative class & it was easy to understand & showed the strat & setups & hotkeys we need for Day trading and Swing trading . The spreadsheet for managing risk is very helpful too since I don't consistently manage the % invested vs the reward!”
BabyWhale, United States
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“Hey guys! I had the pleasure to take @Stock Flipper’s online webinar yesterday and it was honestly the most packed full 4 hr zoom class I’ve had this entire year. I’m quite new to this whole trading thing and was worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with his content but he reassured me that as long as I had the time and persistence to learn, he would help me every step of the way. Ik there’s a lot of you here that are in a similar position to me in regards to how beginner you are, and I think we already are lucky enough to have found @Stock Flipper. Do yourself a favour and take his course, and get to know him coz there’s not many experienced traders like him who’s willing to take the time to lend a helping hand  Before you commit yourself to his course, have a chat with him about your levels of expertise and where your headspace is at with trading- he genuinely is a great guy who loves to see us all succeed through his tested strategies! TY @Stock Flipper
~Viv Chen , Australia
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Elite Members
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-swing trading alerts
-access to trading bots (FlipperFund, RiskBot, Technical Alert bot)
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