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About The Course


About the Course

-Broker to use
-Risk Mangemtn
-My 5 day trading strategies
-My 2 swing trading strategy
-trading psychology and mistakes to avoid

About Me

how I started technical trading?


Choosing the Correct Broker

I personally use IBKR and I explained in the video why ! you can use this link to get a free stock up to 1000$ so it's a win win situation for both of us :

PDT rule

Many of us struggle with PDT rule so I showed you some solutions you have

IBKR setup


Trading Setup Using 1 laptop

My Trading Setup

Risk Management

Win rate vs Risk Reward

Risk Bot

this bot will change your whole trading experience :)

Day trading

Intro on my strategies

Large cap day trading

about the strategy:
win rate: 65%
risk reward:1-1.75
low risk- medium reward

Large Cap Shorting

about the strategy:
win rate: 65%
risk reward:1-1.75
low risk- medium reward

Runners Strategy

about the strategy
win rate: 70%
risk/reward: 1-1.25
medium risk medium reward ( it can be a high reward if you could let your winners run)

Shorting Runners strategy

about the strategy:
win rate: 75%
risk/reward: 1-1
medium risk / medium reward

Buying dips strategy

Intro Swing Trading

Intro to swing trading

(uploading the video)

High Short Float Swing Strategy

about the strategy:
-win rate around: 75%
-1:2 risk reward ratio
-medium risk - high reward

Large cap swing strategy

about the strategy:
-win rate around: 85% ( on a bullish market) 70% on sideways 60% on a small downtrend
-1:4 risk reward ratio
-low risk - low/medium reward but you can grow your portfolio accordingly and make it as a big reward once your numbers increase!


Trading Psychology

Developing your own strategies

I always recommend to use softwares to backtest your strategies like I do so it will be proven that your strategy is working